MD Sen. Cardin Says US ‘Should Try to Help’ Migrant Caravan, GOP Opponent Blasts Comments

Sen. Ben Cardin said Tuesday that America should do more to “help” the migrant caravan transiting through Mexico, spurring his Republican opponent to forcefully respond on Facebook.

Cardin (D-Md.) appeared on CNN Tuesday and blasted President Trump’s rhetoric against the Central American migrant caravan currently heading for the United States:

“America’s strength is in our values. We have been a leader standing up for people at risk,” Cardin said. “The people that are in this caravan [are in] desperate situations.”

Cardin said the United States should “be out there and try[ing] to help” the caravan, but made clear that such “help” should not necessarily include allowing free entry into the country. He said that America has the ability to assist in a humanitarian way.

“We shouldn’t be using the language the president is,” Cardin clarified.

President Trump has likened the caravan to an illegal immigrant invasion and has pledged to cut aid to Central American countries and summon the National Guard to the Mexican border.

Cardin’s 2018 Republican opponent, professor and retired Army Chaplain Tony Campbell, took to Facebook after hearing the senator on television.

Campbell said he tries not to mention his opponent in his campaign statements, but said that Cardin’s comments warranted a response.

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“Cardin went on CNN today and said that we should be helping the illegal immigrant caravan which seeks to undermine our country’s sovereignty by bum-rushing our border,” Campbell said.

In an earlier iteration of his statement, Campbell said Cardin should focus more on issues facing Baltimore and other parts of Maryland.

Cardin also said Trump is being untruthful about the people in the caravan and has continued to “misrepresent” the “immigrant community in America.”

Watch more from Cardin above, and check out California GOP official Harmeet Dhillon react to the caravan on “Fox & Friends” below.

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